Solitary Confinement

Spelas 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 december på Bastionen i Malmö

Teater Foratt (SWE) ,i samarbete med Moussem Nomadic art center (BL) och Strange Fruit dance collective (IR/BL) presenterar ”Solitary Confinement” på Bastionen den 3 dec kl 19.00.

”Solitary Confinement” som på svenska betyder Isoleringscell är en experimentell föreställning som utforskar de psykologiska konsekvenserna av långvarig isolering och gränserna mellan dans och teater.  Språk: Engelska,  Längd: 60 min

 “Solitary Confinement” is a piece on the psychological consequences of prolonged isolation. In our society, excessive individualism and the glorification of self-interest increasingly leads to social isolation. This stands in strong contrast to what Duraid Abbas (as seen before with  ranking dance collective “Iraqi Bodies”) and Al Amar Bojrad have experienced in their childhood. In the Middle East, one is constantly surrounded by family and friends. Several generations live together under one roof. Fascinated with these differences, they take a close look, together with Sarah Eisa and composer Guy Van Nueten, at loneliness, and the more independent culture they experienced when they fled. The group examines the thread between excessive collectiveness and excessive individualism in the societies the artists have experienced in different stages of their lives.

Being in solitary confinement is being disconnected: without phone, laptop, Tv, internet, books or any other kind of entertainment, they are contemplating what it means to be alone, really alone. The artists had different tools to express themselves during this period: their bodies, an instrument, pens, papers, colors, a voice recorder.To build this performance, the artists locked themselves inside a room for days,undergoing solitary confinement.

By and with: Duraid Abbas, Amar Al Bojrad Sarah Eisa

Composer: Guy Van Nueten

Design: Jan De Brabander

Coach: Willy Thomas

Projectleader Sweden: Cindy Mizher

Producer Belgium: Cees Vossen

Producer Sweden: Manal Masri

foto2foto2Moussem is a nomadic arts center operating from the Cultural Centre of Berchem in Antwerp and The Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels. Moussem chooses an open artistic vision with focus on the artist and the artistic freedom. At the same time Moussem tries to attract a new audience that so far had little or no part in the art scene. This is Teater Foratts second collaboration with Moussem.

Strange Fruit is a young dance/theater company created by Amar Al Bojrad, Duraid Abbas and Sarah Eisa.